When establishing the company, the principals decided that due to the strict regulations our company would look to supply only products that meet the highest quality and safety levels within the industry. 

We have chosen to supply & install exclusive systems from the Capital Safety / DBI Sala range.  Our relationship with this supplier goes back for over nine years and they were chosen because of their worldwide reputation of being the leader in height safety products and for their development of new products


We are now also a supplier and installer of UNILINE products as they are now part of the Capital Safety/DBI Sala Group, which gives our company the opportunity to offer a whole new range of quality products that are recognized worldwide for their first class quality.

Over the years, we have seen the increase of cheaper priced products from the Asian region becoming more predominant by other companies.  However, HSPS aims to deliver the best products available to our clients so that they can have the confidence in the supply and installation of the systems they choose.

We also supply & install aluminium walkway systems and ladders that are supplied by the Australian company, Juralco.  Although their walkway mesh is produced in Asia, they have in place very high level quality control systems to ensure their products meet the strict Australian standards.  Their records can trace the date of manufacture and the content of materials used at all times.

For our abseiling tracks we use Bomack Abtrack products.  They are wholly Australian made.  We believe these are the best available tracks on the market at present due to their ability to span greater distances.

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